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Infant Recliner Product Recall in Texas and Nationwide

Texas parents should hear about the recall of all Nap Nanny and Chill infant recliners. This recall is a salient reminder of how important safety in products for infants can be.

Unfortunately, the parent company responsible for the manufacture of the baby products is no longer in business. However, the major retailers Toys R Us/Babies R Us,, Buy Buy Baby and have already agreed to refunds for their customers who purchased either of the two products from their stores or online. To date, approximately 165,000 units of the defective products were sold at an average price of $130 each.

So, what triggered the product recall? These particular products have been reported to have been the cause of five infant deaths and a total of 92 cases where a baby fell out or was found to be hanging out of the infant recliner. Because of these incidents, parents have been advised by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to immediately stop using any model of the two infant products and return them.

The Nap Nanny has become somewhat of a poster child for the lack of safety standards in the infant recliner industry. Several watchdog groups, like Kids in Danger and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, are currently working on setting higher standards for the industry. In the meantime, the committee in charge of standard setting for infant products recommends that babies are safer if placed in a play yard, bassinet or crib that has passed and adheres to current rules of infant safety.

Defective products are a subject that everybody is concerned with and especially when those defects could possibly affect our children. Losing a child, whether it is because of an accident, defective product or a dangerous toy, can be devastating to parents and other family members. Getting help with necessary compensation following an injury or wrongful death could help Texas families to cope with the tragedy.

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