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Llano County Truck Accident Attorneys

About The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC

We work on contingency fees – no recovery, no fee! Our firm can take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are trial-tested litigators with decades of legal experience. We’ll start your case with a FREE, no-risk case evaluation.

We Fight to Hold Negligent Parties Accountable

Llano County Truck Accident Attorneys

About The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC

We work on contingency fees – no recovery, no fee! Our firm can take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are trial-tested litigators with decades of legal experience. We’ll start your case with a FREE, no-risk case evaluation.

We Fight to Hold Negligent Parties Accountable

Our Llano County Truck Accident Services

At The Stewart Law Firm, our Texas truck accident attorneys are honored to offer dedicated legal support to those harmed in semi-truck and commercial vehicle accidents. If you’ve suffered injuries, we’re here to help you seek full compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible person or entity.

Llano County Trucking Company Negligence Attorney

Trucking Company Negligence

When most people consider the cause of a truck accident, many do not look beyond the negligence of the driver. In some cases, however, the driver is only one of several parties that can be held accountable. In others, the accident may have been completely beyond the driver’s control. There are a significant number of truck accidents that can be directly attributed to the negligence of the trucking company.

Llano County Trucking Company Negligence Attorney

Loose Cargo Truck Accidents

Proper loading is a key aspect of the safe operation of cargo-hauling trucks. Government regulations and industry standards spell out how truckers should secure cargo. Straps, brackets, load balancing, and load weight should all be taken into account. If you were injured in a truck accident, one of the possible causes is the question of improper loading.

Llano County Truck Accidents Caused by brake Failure Attorney

Truck Accidents Caused by Brake Failure

One of the most significant sources of danger is brake failure. In the vast majority of brake failure cases, the operator is not properly undertaking pre-trip and ongoing trip inspections.

Llano County Utility Truck Accidents Attorney

Utility Truck Accidents

Whatever the circumstances of your utility truck accident, a detailed investigation is the starting point to the most successful outcome of an injury claim. Our Texas personal injury lawyer may be your most important allies after a serious accident involving a utility truck or any other unusual accident.

Llano County Jackknife Truck Accidents Attorney

Jackknife Truck Accidents

If you or someone you love has been injured in a jackknife accident, discuss your options with the Llano County truck accident lawyer at The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC. We are available to answer your questions 24/7, and we will review your case free of charge when you schedule an initial consultation. Call us today for the experienced legal guidance you need!

Llano County Tired Truck Driver Accidents Attorney

Tired Truck Driver Accidents

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured by a tired truck driver, you should have your case reviewed by a Llano County truck accident lawyer who can help you understand your rights and legal options. At The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC, we have extensive experience handling all types of truck accident cases. Let us put this experience to work for you!

What our Llano County Client’s Say

Stephan Stewart and all of his associates are the most amazing people. They're all caring and very personal. They push hard and work for everything you ask for. We had a long case and they were always in touch with us with every little update, they got us everything we needed and even more! We're beyond grateful for them.


I was hit by an 18 wheeler when the driver changed lanes, striking my vehicle. This resulted in my car being totaled and months of medical treatment for me. Mr Stewart represented me in a lengthy lawsuit. He personally touched base with me often, keeping me updated at all times. He and his caring staff made a difficult time much easier.

T. S.

My family hired Stephen in regards to a personal injury lawsuit. The matter was settled quickly and in our favor during mediation. Stephen’s knowledge of the law combined with his kindness in working with us will not be forgotten. We would readily hire Stephen again. We are thankful lawyers like Stephen exist.

M. M.
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Our Llano County Truck Accident Claim Process

Step 2

We’ll meet with you ASAP to hear your story and review your case.

Step 3

We’ll get started making sure evidence is preserved, and we’ll conduct investigations, focus groups, depositions and assemble all the evidence we need to build the strongest possible case. We’ll call in experts and investigators as needed.

Step 4

FULL JUSTICE: You’ll get the compensation you need and deserve

Do I need a personal injury attorney after a wreck in Texas?

If you’ve been the victim of an 18 wheeler accident, you likely feel overwhelmed by what to do next. Fortunately, our attorneys at The Stewart Law Firm are here to guide you through the entire process. Our car injury lawyers will investigate your accident, negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf, and if necessary fight for you in court. We will take care of all the legal work so you can focus on what is most important: your recovery.

What Information should I have before I call an attorney about my car accident?

Once you get in touch with an attorney, you will need to provide them with all of the information you have about the accident, including your recollection of what happened, the other parties’ contact information, information collected from witnesses at the scene, the police report, and medical documentation of your injuries.

Should I see a doctor after an 18 wheeler accident in Austin Texas?

Yes, you should always seek medical help if you feel any pain or discomfort after an 18 wheeler accident. After a full medical evaluation, be sure to document your condition because many injuries are not obvious immediately.

What if the insurance company offers me a check right away?

Do not take the offer. Insurance companies will try to get you to settle your accident claim quickly to minimize the amount it has to pay you for auto repairs, medical care and lost wages.

Do I have to go to court if I want to recover monetary damages?

Possibly. Your case may settle before your attorney files a lawsuit. However, it could go all the way to a trial and a jury verdict. The majority of lawsuits are settled before they get to trial, but what happens in your case depends on the facts, the law and the parties involved.

Who determines who is at fault after an 18 wheeler accident?

In Texas, the legal standard for you to win your Texas auto accident case is by a predominance of the evidence. This means that you only need to prove that your version of the facts, damages, and fault is more likely correct than the defendants.

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