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Commercial Truck Accidents & Insurance Issues

A personal injury case involving an accident with a commercial semi-truck or big rig is associated with several unique issues. Due to the severity of the injuries and the substantial costs related to these types of collisions, insurance companies have a vested interest to minimize the liability of their trucking company clients.

So if you are filing a trucking accident claim, you can encounter some serious roadblocks from insurance companies. So it is critical that you are prepared for obstacles you must overcome in order to recover the financial compensation you deserve.

The following are some of the common insurance issues associated with commercial truck accidents:

  • Commercial truck companies adhere to various state and federal regulations. Rules set forth by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and states alike, establish how long a trucker can drive without rest, how much weight a rig can haul, how often maintenance is conducted, and various types of conduct on the road. In the event of a crash where the plaintiff is not at fault, chances are that the defendant violated a statute or ordinance–in addition to committing a traffic violation. But if you are unfamiliar with these regulations, you may experience difficulties determining fault to the insurance companies who, in turn, will not provide you with a fair compensation for your losses.
  • You may be dealing with multiple insurance companies. Although the truck driver involved in the accident has one form of insurance, the contracting company and leasing company may each have different policies. Since commercial trucks operate throughout the nation, you may be dealing with agents from different states and coverages that are less than what Texas requires for its resident truckers. These companies may attempt to shift the blame back and forth during the claims process, which may prolong getting your entitled settlement.
  • Insurance companies will try to settle the case as soon as possible. Since commercial truck accidents are extremely costly to insurance companies, they may attempt to settle a claim quickly to avoid paying the full amount of what is owed. In many cases, insurers will pressure victims to accept a sum that is unfair in order to save money. Unfortunately, once the case is settled, victims no longer have the right to gain more money in the event future health issues arise that are related to the accident.

If you have suffered a serious injury after being involved in a crash with a commercial truck, you need an experienced attorney who can stand up to the liable parties and their insurance providers. At The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC, our Austin truck accident lawyer has valuable experience protecting the rights and best interests of clients against insurance companies.

For more information, contact us and request a free consultation today.

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