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Drunk Driving Accidents

Family of officer killed by drunk driver files lawsuit

In Texas, someone is hurt or killed in an alcohol-related car crash every 20 minutes – but even one such crash is too many.

In a tragic example, a North Austin, Texas officer was killed by a drunk driver who was over-served at a bar before she got into her vehicle in June of 2022. 

Now, with the personal injury attorney team at the Stewart Law Firm, the family of the officer is suing both the driver and the bar where she was drinking in a wrongful death lawsuit.

North Austin Officer Killed by Drunk Driver in June

On December 28, 2022, the wife, children, and parents of Jeffery Richardson announced their wrongful death lawsuit against the drunk driver who killed the officer, as well as one of the bars where she drank that day.

Richardson’s family held a news conference at the Travis County Civil Courthouse along with Stephen Stewart, the family’s attorney.

35-year-old Richardson was working a contract traffic control job in the early morning when he was hit by intoxicated 26-year-old Lindsay Smith. According to an affidavit, Smith told police she had two mixed drinks, four martinis, and “an unknown quantity of shots” that night before she got behind the wheel.

The affidavit also said Smith’s car drove through a barricade blocking two lanes and hit the officer – reportedly throwing him approximately 100 feet from the point of impact.

Smith was arrested and charged with intoxication assault of a peace officer.

The wrongful death lawsuit filed by Richardson’s family claims that Smith’s decision to drink and drive put lives at risk. It also alleges that Jack and Ginger’s Irish Pub, which was the last bar where Smith was drinking before the crash, continued to serve Smith drinks after she was “obviously intoxicated.”

Drunk Driving in Texas Is Never the Answer

With today’s prevalence of ride-shares, taxis, and designated drivers, there is really no excuse to drive drunk.

It is our duty as good citizens to avoid putting other people’s lives at risk in this way, and the duty of establishments that serve alcoholic beverages to refrain from sending intoxicated people out onto the road.

As Stephen Stewart of the Stewart Law Firm told news cameras at Richardson’s family’s press conference: 

“Through this case, the Richardson family wants to make certain that sellers and servers of alcoholic beverages do their job correctly and that establishments never continue to serve alcohol to patrons when they’re obviously intoxicated and they present a danger to themselves and to others.”

“There is simply no excuse for getting behind the wheel when one’s intoxicated – especially when doing so causes serious injuries, can kill innocent people, and tragically impact the lives of victims forever, as was the case with the Richardson family,” Stewart said.

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