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Car Accidents

How to Prepare for Your Consultation With an Accident Attorney

Working with an attorney may be the last thing you think you have time for following an accident. From dealing with medical bills to having conversations with insurance adjusters, the thought of working with an attorney may seem like additional stress that you don’t need.

However, understanding what you can expect from your consultation, and what information you need to bring will help ease your mind and allow you to pursue the compensation you deserve.

Keep a Record of Your Accident Details

The supporting evidence you have for your case will make or break it. The more evidence you bring to your initial meeting with your attorney, the better your chances are of obtaining the maximum available compensation.

The following information will be valuable to your potential injury attorney:

  • Written police report

  • Date and time of the accident

  • Location of the accident

  • Photographs

  • Medical records

  • Medical bills

Put a List of Questions Together to Ask Your Attorney

Speaking with an attorney is something you are choosing to do. Because of this, you want to be sure that you have a list of questions ready to ensure that your potential attorney is a good fit for you. Additionally, bringing a list of questions will make sure that none of your questions are missed.

Some of the best questions to ask to get a good understanding of your potential attorney’s skill level include:

  • Have you worked with this type of case before? If so, was there a successful outcome?

  • Are you willing to go to trial?

  • How is your communication? Do you prefer email or phone? What is your average client response rate?

  • How long does a case like mine typically take?

  • What outcome can I expect?

These questions should give you enough information about your potential attorney to make a decision as to whether or not you want to continue working with them.

Decide on a Texas Auto Accident Attorney

While initial consultations often give you enough information to make a decision about if the attorney is a good fit for your situation, there are additional questions you can ask to make a final decision.

Some good questions to ask yourself include:

  • Was the staff friendly?

  • Did you feel comfortable around the attorney?

  • Can you afford the attorney?

  • Did they seem confident in their ability to win your case?

  • Do they seem to have your best interest in mind?

If you believe they are still a proper fit for your situation after answering these questions, you should be ready to begin pursuing the compensation you deserve.

To get started on this process over a free consultation, give us a call today (512)271-5112.

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