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The Stewart Law Firm is Proud to Commemorate Sexual Assault Awareness Month

This month is Sexual Assault Awareness Month – a cause our team at the Stewart Law Firm is passionate about.

We are committed to representing and getting justice for victims of sexual assault. Our main focus is on institutional wrongdoers such as summer camps and churches, and we represent children who have been victims of sexual assault at such institutions. 

At our Austin, Texas-based firm, our main mission is to help people who have been harmed with their recovery and work to prevent those types of injuries from happening to other people in the future. We take personal injury cases ranging from sexual assault to car accidents and wrongful deaths

Read on to learn more about sexual assault awareness and how our team is working to improve the situation for sexual assault victims.

The Stewart Law Firm’s Fight Against Sexual Assault in Texas and Throughout the U.S.

Sexual assault can happen anywhere. That’s why we are committed to helping victims get the justice they so badly need and desire. Most of the victims we have represented are children that have been assaulted in homes or institutions. 

We believe every child has the right to a safe place to live and play. We are also committed to making sure institutions have stricter hiring procedures in place to keep previously convicted people away from our society’s kids. 

In fact, one of our very first cases was one of the largest sexual abuse cases in Nevada. A private orphanage hired a convicted child molester to be in charge of supervising young boys in the home. 

We are humbled and proud to say that our work during this case allowed the facility to start putting into place better hiring practices and stricter background checks.

Honoring Sexual Assault Victims in April

April has been designated as the month people use across the country to honor those who have been affected by sexual assault. 

It’s also a month where we can come together and raise awareness about the horrors of sexual assault. 

During this month, it’s important to take action within the community. There are usually rallies or events you can attend to show your support. There are also many charities and organizations where you can make donations to those that have been affected.

Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Statistics

Sexual assault is unfortunately a problem within Texas and throughout our entire nation. 

Almost one in five women in the United States has experienced rape or attempted rape at some point in their lives. About 1 in 67 men have also experienced rape or attempted rape. 

Almost 63% of cases are never reported to the police, which means the actual numbers may be much higher. 

Unfortunately, there are misconceptions about false reporting due to these cases being frequently in the news and on TV. The truth is that false reporting of sexual assault crimes is very low – ranging from only 2 to 10 percent of reported cases.

Prevention and Reporting of Sexual Assault in Texas

The best way to prevent sexual assault is to come together as a community and help people get the resources and help they need. Workplaces should have programs and policies in place that people are aware of. 

All places need to promote equality and safety. It’s also encouraged that universities and workplaces always have a hotline that people can access and call when they are in danger. 

If you are interested in preventing sexual assault, there are many programs throughout the year that you can attend. Most of these events have speakers and donations where you can get more involved. 

These events are usually held at universities, local community colleges, or high schools. 

If you have been the victim of sexual assault or witnessed an assault, don’t be afraid to contact authorities. It’s important to report all sexual assault incidences and receive medical care for yourself or the victim.

Contact the Stewart Law Firm Today

At our Austin, Texas-based firm, all our attorneys will work as advocates for you and your loved ones. Our experience representing sexual assault victims means that you can feel safe with us. When it comes to sexual assault and other personal injury cases, we have all the resources you need to get proper help. Contact us today to schedule your first consultation.

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