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344,000 Honda Odysseys Recalled Due to Braking Issue

Certain Honda Odyssey minivans registered in Texas and elsewhere across the country are the subject of a recall. Honda has recalled 344,187 of the minivans built between Aug. 8, 2006 and Sept. 8, 2008. These Odysseys may be vulnerable to potential hard braking that occurs without warning. The software in the Vehicle Safety Assist System is apparently the issue. Thus far, no accidents or injuries have been reported due to the problem.

However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a statement attributing the problem to a combination of software and system failures that may cause the brakes to stop hard without illuminating the brake lights. The federal agency expressed its concern over the increased possibility of car crashes occurring because of the issue.

Following the receipt of 22 complaints of unexpected Odyssey minivan braking, the NHTSA began a safety probe in June 2013. Honda subsequently reported to the NHTSA that, through June 30, 2013, the automaker had received 109 warranty claims directly related to the issue. Honda also reported that it had received 205 field reports regarding the unexpected braking.

Honda intends to address the issue in the affected Odysseys by having its dealers put new updated yaw sensors in the vehicles. However, the Japanese automaker has further announced that it cannot begin the recall due to a parts shortage. Therefore, the recall is expected to be delayed until March 2014. Honda indicates that owners of the vehicles involved will receive a letter when the recall can go forward.This delay in completing a needed repair could pose a further problem for Honda if a car accident caused by the problem were to occur between the original recall announcement and the commencement of recall repairs in March 2014.

What Should You Do If You’ve Been Injured?

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