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Automotive Defect Accident Litigation in Texas

Millions of automobiles have been recalled in recent years for dangerous defects. Although auto manufacturers offer to fix these defective cars for free, certain percentage of them will never get fixed, meaning that these defective cars will continue to endanger American consumers on Texas roadways.

Defects in automobiles can affect virtually every part of a car, but the most dangerous defects are the ones that hinder vital safety, braking, lighting and steering systems. For example, millions of cars are still on the road with defective airbags that could fail to inflate in the event of a collision. Other problems relating to cars include faulty door latches, fuel systems that could catch on fire, defective seats, seat belt problems, faulty ignition systems, car seat issues and sport utility rollovers issues.

General Motor’s defective ignition switch recall is one of the most noteworthy in recent years. The recall affected a total of 27 million automobiles. The problem relates to the possibility that the ignition switch could move into the off position while the vehicle is in motion. Moving the ignition switch to “off” results in the power steering, power brakes and airbags being deactivated. Clearly, that is a very dangerous situation when the vehicle is in motion, and it has thus far caused many injurious and deadly crashes.

The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC is committed to protecting the rights of individuals who are hurt by defective automobiles. We provide aggressive legal representation in automotive accident cases and we have extensive experience dealing with car accidents relating to the millions of automotive recalls in recent years. Contact our Austin personal injury lawyers today to learn more!

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