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Brain Trauma Linked to a Higher Risk of Suicide

Over the last several years, numerous studies have examined the link between mild brain injuries and an increased risk of suicide. While most of these studies have centered around professional athletes—particularly football players who have suffered multiple concussions throughout their career—new research shows that mild concussions suffered in ordinary settings can be just as detrimental. Recently, the University of Toronto released a study that focused on the long-term risk of suicide in adults who have suffered at least one concussion in their lifetime.

The study, titled “Risk of Suicide After a Concussion,” examined more than 235,000 patients who had suffered at least one concussion between 1992 and 2012 – a 20-year period. Of this group, 667 patients committed suicide, which is equivalent to 31 deaths per 100,000 patients annually and three times the population norm. It was also noted that a patient’s risk of suicide was increased by one-third if they suffered a concussion on the weekend. This suggests that recreational concussions can be much more dangerous than those suffered on the job.

According to Donald Redelmeier, one of the study’s lead authors, “the usual circumstances for acquiring a concussion are not while playing football; it is when driving in traffic and getting into a crash, when missing a step and falling down a staircase, when getting overly ambitious about home repairs.” He furthered explained that the typical patient he sees is a middle-aged adult, rather than a professional athlete, and that placing greater attention on the long-term care of patients who have suffered concussions could end up saving lives.

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