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Chobani Issues Voluntary Recall

Texas residents who enjoy Chobani yogurt may want to steer clear of some of the company’s Greek yogurts for a while because of a mold problem. Chobani recently started working with retailers to remove defective products from the shelf, and according to the company, it is a voluntary action and not a formal recall. The issue appears to be common dairy mold that has caused yogurt containers to swell and bloat.

According to Chobani, the number of suspect products is fairly limited. It is only the yogurt that was produced at their Idaho facility with expiration dates between Sept. 11 and Oct. 7, and containers are labeled with the code 16-012. The majority of the defective products have already been removed from shelves and only represents about five percent of the company’s total production. In spite of Chobani’s proactive removal of products from shelves, the FDA has gotten involved in the matter.

There were a number of reports of issues with Chobani yogurt on social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook. In addition to complaints of odd taste and texture, several Facebook users posted symptoms of diarrhea, and others claimed that they ended up going to the hospital after eating the yogurt. Chobani has not yet released specific numbers, but according to the company the number of complaints is not even in the hundreds. The company stated that the problem arose because they do not use preservatives, but the problem has been resolved.

Even if a company has voluntarily recalled a defective product, it does not mean that individuals harmed by a product do not have legal recourse. An Austin injury lawyer could explain someone’s options as well as help them pursue compensation for medical costs and other expenses.

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