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Four Organizations Join Together to Fund New Technology that Can Save Peoples from TBIs

A recently published article stated four organizations have joined forces to fund the world’s best, United States helmet designer, developer, and producer, Roy Burek of Charles Owens, Inc. The four organizations that have given a generous amount of funds towards the new project include:

  • Under Armor
  • General Electric
  • The National Football League
  • United States Department of Comcs6merce’s National Institute of Standard and Technology

The funds awarded to Charles Owens, Inc. will be applied to a 12-month program created to develop a material designed by Cardiff University’s School of Engineering. With this new material, intended to absorb and dissipate serious impacts, Charles Owens, Inc. and Cardiff University hope to protect the safety of athletes such as football player and hockey players, service men and women, and other individuals who utilize helmets.

To improve the material further, the two groups will use a 3-D technology to strengthen the structure of the material and maintain the flexibility. By adding this novel material into new helmets, athletes and other individuals have a better chance of avoiding traumatic brain injuries.

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