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How You Can Protect Your Case

For victims of car accidents, the moments following a crash can be confusing. Unfortunately, it’s during this time that many individuals fail to realize that they’re making certain mistakes that can be damaging to their claim for compensation.

Below, our Austin car accident attorneys explain some of the common mistakes individuals make following a car accident. Make sure you’re taking the steps to protect your rights and avoid some of the common pitfalls involved with these types of cases.

Avoid Saying Things That May Be Construed as an Admission of Guilt

We all know that even in an accident when you are not at fault, most people are quick to be as polite as possible in the situation. Sometimes, this means saying things that you shouldn’t—things that may be used by the defendant against you in legal matters.

For instance, saying “I’m sorry” after an accident may make it seem as though you’re admitting fault in the matter and that you are liable for the crash. Similarly, statements such as “I didn’t even see you” can be used in the same manner.

Get the Correct Documents

We all have forgetful moments and the time immediately following a crash can be one of those times. It’s easy to see how some people forget to exchange important information with the responsible driver and they go on without knowing contact or insurance information.

You need to have the right information in order to go to your insurance company or for your lawyer to take legal action and seek compensation.

Hire a Lawyer

Many people think that they can handle these types of situations without hiring a lawyer. They may think that they can’t afford an attorney or that the accident wasn’t significant enough to do so. However, there’s something you should know.

Insurance companies often try to minimize the impact of a claim and offer a settlement that is less than what you may receive through a trial. A lawyer can help you determine which option is right for you and help you navigate the complexities involved.

Our team at The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC is truly committed to protecting your rights after a car accident. You deserve to have someone on your side looking out for your best interests and safeguarding you from the tactics of the defendant. Let us be the one to help!

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