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Hyundai Recalls Genesis Luxury Vehicles

Texas owners of the 2009 model Hyundai Genesis should be aware of possible break issues with the vehicle. Mere hours after the U.S. government started an investigation on 40,000 Genesis cars on Oct. 21, the automobile manufacturer issued a recall. As a result of a problem with the braking system, Genesis automobiles manufactured between April 1, 2008 and March 16, 2012 may be unsafe products. Hyundai is sending out mail in November that will let owners know of these issues. For anyone who wants their vehicle repaired before then, they can get in touch with a local dealer.

As a part of the recall effort, a dealership will pick up the effected car and provide a loaner vehicle for use until the problem has been resolved. The issue with these automobiles is that the brake fluid in them does not have corrosion inhibitors, which can lead to gel building up on braking system valves and preventing the brakes from working. To resolve the issue, dealerships will replace the brake fluid in the automobile as well as replacing any values with a gel buildup.

While no injuries have been reported, a few car accidents have been caused due to brakes were not working properly. The NHTSA has received 23 complaints stating that drivers had to push the brake pedal harder than usual to get the car to stop. Hyundai stated that they decided to issue a recall after going over the investigation notice provided by the NHTSA.

Defective products, especially when they are in automobiles, can lead to injury or wrongful death. If someone has been harmed due to a faulty product, a lawyer could help them understand their rights and legal options. A lawyer could also help someone pursue compensation for damages.

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