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Lawsuit Filed Against Transco Express Corp. for Motorcycle Crash

Recent reports state that a Texas man has filed a lawsuit against Transco Express Corp. and two individuals after the plaintiff suffered injuries in a motorcycle crash. The injured Polk County resident filed the action on Aug. 19, but the accident occurred on Oct. 5, 2012.

Documents filed with the court suggest that on the day of the incident, at around 12 p.m., the plaintiff was traveling along Highway 59 in San Jacinto County. While driving in a safe manner, a vehicle operated by one of the defendants entered his lane, and the plaintiff lost control of his motorcycle. The plaintiff crashed and reportedly suffered a number of serious injuries. However, the available reports did not detail the types of injuries the man sustained.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff is seeking compensation for medical costs, mental anguish, physical pain, impairment and disfigurement. The amount he is seeking was not specified. He claims that the two individuals named as defendants were not properly escorted and failed to maintain a proper lookout. He also contends that their employer at the time of the accident was also negligent.

As in this case, a person who is injured due to the allegedly negligent actions of other parties might be able to pursue compensation through a civil lawsuit. However, presenting a car accident case in court may be a complicated process. Those who are interested in filing such an action might consult with a personal injury lawyer in Austin. That lawyer may be able to review the relevant documents regarding the incident for evidence of negligence and might present the client’s case in court.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “Polk County man files negligence claim over motorcycle crash“, Andrea Dearden, September 22, 2014

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