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Motorcyclist Killed in Texas

A man was killed in a motorcycle accident in Texas City on Jan. 30. According to a police spokesperson, the man appears to have lost control of his cycle. The precise time that the wreck happened is not known. An off-duty police officer came upon the scene of the accident shortly before 12 p.m. and reported the injured man to emergency response personnel.

The preliminary reports by the Texas City Police Department suggest that the 23-year-old man from La Porte was driving his motorcycle northbound on Highway 146 when a second vehicle turned in front of him. The evidence at the scene indicated that the motorcyclist attempted to evade the vehicle and lost control. The second vehicle did not stop to render assistance, and they remained unidentified at the time of the most recent reports. The police stated that they were seeking the driver of that vehicle, although there was no statement as to whether or not they intended to press criminal charges.

The motorcyclist was wearing a helmet, but it was not sufficient to save his life. He succumbed to his injuries at the Mainland Medical Center approximately two hours after being transported there.

Motorcyclists who have been injured in a car accident may choose to compel the negligent party to pay fair compensation for their medical expenses and other damages. If the cyclist passes away as a result of their injuries, then their surviving family may file for wrongful death. An Austin injury lawyer may be able to represent them while compiling a list of losses in economic terms and proving sufficient fault.

Source: The Daily News, “La Porte man killed in Texas City motorcycle accident,” Shannon Daughtry, Feb. 1, 2015

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