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Texas’ Newest Distracted Driving Laws

As distracted driving problems continue to grow, more states are beginning to realize that distracted driving is everyone’s responsibility. Many states, such as Texas, have had anti-texting laws in place for a few years now. However, these laws have done little to change the problem we are facing. This realization is causing many states to crack down on the war against distracted driving, meaning new laws are being rolled out.

Senate Bill 43

Texas is attempting to lead the charge by implementing a new law to help prevent distracted driving. The new regulations will be in addition to the laws already in place. Senate Bill 43 is aimed to prevent drivers from ever using their phones behind the wheel unless they are doing so completely hands-free.

The bill went into effect October 1st. Law enforcement officers can now give a ticket to anyone holding a cellphone while driving in a school zone or active construction zone.

You may be thinking, “The last anti-cellphone law wasn’t very successful; this seems to be the same situation.” While this is a valid concern, the new bill comes with much harsher repercussions:

  • A $60 fine

  • THREE points on your driver’s license record

Lawmakers believe that with harsher consequences, they will be able to prevent drivers from taking part in these distracting activities behind the wheel.

What Can Be Done

Similar to DUI accidents, no matter what laws are in place to prevent dangerous driving impairments, there will always be individuals who choose to break the law. The state of Texas knows the dangers of driving distracted; however, it may be quite some time until we see the number of distracted drivers decrease.

As we stated earlier, distracted driving is everyone’s responsibility. What this means is that driving distracted is a choice each individual makes, which also means that distracted driving is entirely preventable.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in an accident involving a distracted driver, it’s understandable to feel frustrated and unsure of what steps to take next.

For countless years, our team of trusted Texas auto accident attorneys has been helping injured victims recover the compensation they deserve. We work around the clock to help our clients pursue the maximum possible compensation for their case, to allow them the proper recovery they deserve.

Call us today (512)271-5112 to schedule your free consultation, and learn more about how we can help you recover.

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