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Texas Teen Uses Brain Injury to Teach Others

According to the Texas Division of the Brain Injury Association of America, there are roughly 5,700 Texans who become permanently disabled due to brain injuries each year. That is an astounding statistic, but if you are anything like one Texas teenage girl, you won’t let that statistic overwhelm you, but rather use it as motivation to raise awareness.

One 15-year-old Texas teenager attending Summit Christian Academy in Cedar Park may have suffered permanent disabilities from her brain injury in a 2009 car accident, but she is not letting that stop her. She is currently a cheerleader as well as a top fundraiser for a local brain injury walk in Irving.

The injuries to her brain as a result of the accident have left her with an inability to pick up on many social cues as well as lead her to sometimes be forgetful. She also has difficulties with spatial recognition and will never be able to drive. While some of her teenage dreams such as driving at 16 may never happen, she is using her injuries to raise awareness through fundraising walks and speaking engagements on what it is like for a teenager with a brain injury. She says that one of her greatest difficulties is that people can’t see her disability and therefore misunderstand her and why she may at times act ‘differently.’

Consult an Austin Brain Injury Attorney Today

With brain injuries affecting so many Texans each year, and many of them being caused by another’s negligent acts, those who suffer from head trauma and its life-changing consequences need to realize that they may have legal recourse to compensation for losses suffered. In the event of a brain injury occurring to persons, their loved ones should contact an Austin personal injury attorney to discuss what legal options may be available to their situation.

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