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The Most Deadly Jobs in Texas

Many professions are intrinsically dangerous because of their exposure to high-risk situations, heavy equipment, and various other environmental dangers. Certain jobs in Texas are more hazardous than others because of their reputation for high workplace injuries and wrongful deaths — which is why it’s important to have an Austin personal injury attorney at the Stewart Law Firm. Such positions generally have stringent safety guidelines and procedures in place to keep employees safe.

Industries of Agriculture, Forest, Fishing and Hunting

An outdoor job brings its own assortment of hazards. This category is comparatively large, including professions encompassing ranchers, farmers, foresters, fisherman, agricultural managers, and other similar professions. 203,165 non-fatal injuries occurred at work in 2012 according to the Texas Department of Insurance. 3.9% of these injuries were in relation to positions in forestry, fishing, agriculture, and hunting.

Construction Workers

After big rig drivers, the largest number of wrongful work-related deaths happen in the field of construction. Around 82 construction workers perished from deadly workplace injuries during 2012 according to the Texas Department of Insurance. Construction workers come across many high-risk circumstances on the job, like injuries from falling objects, falling off scaffolds, electrocution and machinery mishaps.

Sanitation Workers

Collecting recycling, garbage and other garbage from homes in Texas definitely has its own batch of risks as well. Spending a lot of time traveling can lead to collisions and accidents that leave trash collectors with injuries. The heavy tools that such workers operate can also mangle or crush someone who gets caught. Trash collectors come into contact with dangerous materials that can induce poisoning and illness.

Steel Workers

In terms of construction types of professions, steelworkers particularly experience extremely dangerous situations. These operators are some of the people who are most vulnerable in the construction industry — suffering substantial harm from the nature of their jobs because of heavy machinery and hot materials. The steel working profession is dangerous nationally and within Texas. An average of 37 per 1,000 employees will die from work-related damages.

Roofing Employees

One more hazardous job in the industry of construction is roofing. A lot of roofing incidents happen all over Texas each year. Because of the characteristics of the job, falling off roofs cause most of the injuries that kill these workers. Not every fall is fatal, but many roofers will still endure life-altering damages.

Maintenance Workers

Texas workers who handle installation, maintenance and repairs are at great risk of wrongful death and injury. 44 of such employees ended up dying from workplace-related injuries, according to the Texas Department of Insurance. On top of these deaths, many employees experience various non-fatal injuries from mild to permanently crippling.

If you, as an employee, have suffered from an injury at your job in Texas, you may be eligible to obtain workers’ compensation. It’s best to consult with an experienced Austin personal injury attorney in order to get what you deserve. If your loved one has suffered a wrongful death at the hands of an employer, then we know how hard it is to take the next steps. Find out more by contacting the Stewart Law Firm today.

If you are lost trying to pay for your loved one’s bills following a wrongful death, call us today to discuss your case.

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