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Toyota Camry Hybrid Probed for Reported Brake Problems

Texas Toyota drivers may be interested to learn of a federal investigation into alleged braking problems with 2007-08 Toyota Camry Hybrid. After receiving several complaints from consumers regarding multiple incidents of loss of assisted braking, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation of the Camry Hybrid sedans. The agency says that it has received 59 complaints regarding the alleged malfunctioning of the braking system in the Camry Hybrid.

The NHTSA has identified two car accidents connected with the complaints. The number of injuries or fatalities has not yet been determined. A representative for Toyota said that the firm is cooperating with the preliminary evaluation being conducted by the NHTSA.

The complaints all report several incidents of increased brake pedal pressure or delayed actuation of braking. The loss of braking power occurs without warning according to the consumer complaints. In addition, the complaints seem to indicate a growing trend. The majority of complaints have been registered within the last eight months. The NHTSA said that around 40 percent of the braking incidents took place when the vehicles were traveling at speeds above 40 mph. The number of affected vehicles is estimated to be around 30,000. At this point, there have not been any recalls issued for the 2007-08 Toyota Camry Hybrid.

A braking problem with a motor vehicle can result in a serious accident involving injuries or fatalities. If the brake problem was the result of a defective part, in some cases the vehicle’s manufacturer may be held responsible for the accident. Toyota states that it is cooperating with the NHTSA investigation. A company that acknowledges its responsibility for a malfunctioning component through a recall may also be willing to settle with an accident victim out of court.

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