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What are the Types and Degrees of Burn Injuries?

Burn injuries are more common than people think, especially when you consider the most minor of burns can include sunburns or small thermal burns. However, there are various different types of burns and degrees that are determined by the severity of the injury.

Types of Burn Injuries

These are the different types of burns that someone may experience and the ways that they can be caused.

  • Friction burns: These types of burns are more likely to occur when someone is involved in a bike or motorcycle accident. They are the result of abrasion and heat burn when a hard object takes off some of your skin. Carpet burn can also be included under this type.

  • Radiation burns: These are typically from radiation sources including X-rays or other types of radiation treatment. However, the most common form of radiation burns come from the sun.

  • Thermal burns: These occur when an individual’s skin comes in contact with a very hot object including hot dishes, scalding liquids, and flames. Really hot steam can also cause a thermal burn.

  • Chemical burns: Some individuals work in industries where acids, solvents, and other chemicals may be present. This can cause a serious burn to individuals when they are exposed to the chemicals.

  • Electrical burns: When someone makes contact with a bad electrical outlet or exposed wires, the shock can cause an electrical burn.

How Serious are Burn Injuries?

Typically, burns are diagnosed between first and third-degree burns, with a fourth-degree burn being extremely rare. However, these degrees of burns are determined by the severity of the burn and the symptoms.

First-degree burns result in some redness and pain to the outer layer of skin. Second-degree burns can impact the outer layer of skin and the layer underneath it, causing bright red and swollen skin. Blisters may also be present.

Third-degree burns are full thickness burns and can harm both layers of skin and damage to the nerve endings. For fourth-degree burns, these are possibly life-threatening, destroying all skin layers and can cause harm to the bones, tendons, and muscles.

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