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When Is a Personal Injury “Catastrophic?”

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As their name implies, a catastrophic injury is an injury that has particularly devastating consequences. When you suffer a catastrophic injury, it’s highly likely that your life may never return to normal, since you’ll probably have suffered permanent, debilitating damage. But what exactly makes an injury “catastrophic?” Let’s take a closer look at this designation and determine what exactly it means.

Catastrophic Injury Definition

One of the most widely-accepted definitions for a “catastrophic injury” is an injury that permanently prevents someone from being able to perform any gainful work ever again. In other words, this is an injury that is so severe and so impactful, that the person who sustains it cannot work in any way that they could reasonably expect to make a living ever again. This is particularly devastating because those who suffer these injuries also usually sustain heavy losses in the form of medical treatments, lost income, and more.

There is also often heavy emotional damage as well. Those who suffer catastrophic injuries often lose their sense of purpose that they got from their job and completing gainful work. Others suffer painful physical or even cognitive damage that can not only result in emotional damage but can sometimes prevent them from performing even basic functions. Those who have suffered traumatic brain damage may find it difficult to remember things they once loved or even the faces of their loved ones.

In most cases, injuries like this that are suffered while on the job usually result in permanent total disability awards since the injured individual won’t be able to gainfully work ever again. Non-work injuries can also lead to major awards, but in both cases you need an attorney on your side since the party responsible for paying will likely do everything in their power to try to disprove your condition and reduce or eliminate their liability for your injuries.

What Can You Do?

If you or a loved one have suffered a catastrophic injury, there are options available to you. When you suffer damages, particularly damages to the immense degree that catastrophic injuries can carry, you have the ability to pursue compensation for them. However, because justice isn’t always given, it’s strongly advised you speak with an Austin personal injury lawyer about your case before proceeding. An attorney can make sure your rights are preserved while you also receive the proper compensation for the value of your case.

For more information or to speak to an attorney about your situation, call The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC today at (512) 271-5112!


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