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Car Accidents

How Car Accident Injuries are Determined and Their Impact

In car accidents, there are a number of different injuries that can be sustained in a number of different ways. This can be difficult for individuals to endure and understanding how the injuries can impact a life is important in seeking compensation.

This is why it’s important for individuals to seek medical attention following an accident. Doctors work to determine what injuries you may have sustained, a proper treatment plan, and what you may expect moving forward.

Determination of Injuries and How It Helps a Case

Not everyone realizes if they’ve sustained an injury after an accident because the pain is not always immediately apparent. The adrenaline and shock of the crash can mask the pain. Getting medical attention immediately means having a doctor assess your physical health and determine what injuries you may have.

They’ll often perform various tests and diagnose the problems based on the results. Brain scans, CT scans, MRIs, or other tests may be necessary to find any non-visible injuries that a person may have sustained.

The determination made forth by the doctor is a way of helping you when it comes to legal matters. Your medical records can help to show that you were in fact injured as a result of the negligence-related accident.

The Long-Term Impact

Injuries can be very serious following a car crash. This can include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, broken bones, and more. This often means the injured party may have to deal with long-term medical costs, lost income, rehabilitation expenses and more.

If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by negligence, The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC is here to help. Our Austin car accident lawyers work hard to help you fully understand your rights and learn about what you may be able to do to hold the negligent party accountable.

We have decades of experience and a track record of success helping individuals seek the most favorable results possible. We also offer a free consultation so you can get more information without having to worry about the financial issues.

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