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Understanding the Difference Between Concussions & Cerebral Contusions

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are commonly sustained after car collisions, sports incidents, assaults, and even severe slip and fall accidents. When a victim’s brain is violently jarred, they may suffer a concussion and/or a cerebral contusion. Both concussions and contusions take time to heal and can lead to severe side effects, so it’s important for victims to seek medical treatment after sustaining a head injury.


A concussion can affect several regions of the brain and is capable of producing multiple contusions. The symptoms of a concussion don’t always appear immediately, so it’s important that a victim seeks immediate medical attention after any significant head injury. After all, a concussion can be a life-threatening brain injury.

Symptoms of a concussion include:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Changes in behavior
  • Intense headaches or cerebral pressure
  • Fatigue
  • Confusion and dizziness
  • Memory complications
  • Nausea
  • Changes in speech
  • Comprehension problems

Cerebral Contusions

A cerebral contusion is essentially a minor or major bruise on the brain that can lead to severe medical complications. For example, contusions may lead to cardiovascular risks because the blood must clot to stop the bleeding. If a doctor determines that a patient is suffering from a cerebral contusion, they will use a CAT scan or an MRI scan to check for signs of bruising and swelling. In severe cases, they patient may need to undergo surgery to reduce the swelling and prevent additional brain damage.

Symptoms of contusions include:

  • Personality variations
  • Changes in behavior
  • Decreased intelligence
  • Comprehension problems
  • Memory complications
  • Changes in speech
  • Localized numbness
  • Attention issues
  • Coordination problems

Seek Legal Representation

If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury due to the negligence of another person, contact The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC. Our Austin brain injury attorneys have decades of collective experience and can help you pursue maximum compensation. We work on a contingency fee basis, so you can pursue justice and damages without worrying about attorney fees.

Call The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC at (512) 326-3200 to schedule a consultation.

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