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Truck Accidents

Oversized Load Accidents: The Real Damage

Big-rig trucks hauling oversize loads are a common sight on Texas highways, and the vibrant state economy yields many dangers on the roadways when massive machinery is being transported to various locations throughout the region. There are actually well-established legal requirements when oversize loads are being moved, but many times transportation companies will operate at a bare minimum regarding safety measures if they think the delivery can be made on time with little damage or officer interference along the way.

While many oversize loads do reach their destination point safely, even one accident involving one of these monster vehicles is one too many. Serious injury and even fatalities can be the end result when carriers are not operating safely according to the rules of the road. And, your Austin personal injury attorney at the Stewart Law Firm clearly understands the real damage happens when anyone is involved in a collision with any of these giant vehicles.

Catastrophic Injuries

All big truck accidents generate significant injuries or fatalities for those involved, and even a minor low-speed collision can be very serious. The same is true for oversize loads as well. In fact, the speed is not always indicative of the extent of injury to victims under certain circumstances.

Loading a truck beyond the weight limit can produce as bad of an accident as a wide load hauling massive equipment that crosses highway lane lines. Vehicles that are not properly flagged can result in serious head and back injuries when trailing vehicles come from behind quickly, and those that cross lane dividers can clip oncoming traffic easily when proper clearance is not provided.

All head and spinal injuries have the potential for long-term paralysis diagnosis for those who survive, and it is vital to have an experienced Austin personal injury attorney when whole compensation is needed for long-term physical damage claims.

Potential Punitive Damages

All accidents that are determined as the primary fault of a big-rig operator will give injured victims standing for compensatory damage claims that include coverage for medical bills, lost wages when they apply, and general non-economic damages based on the long-term problems and pain-and-suffering associated with their injuries. These claims are subject to comparative negligence evaluation by the court, which can yield a discounted claim settlement when a victim driver is assigned a degree of fault for causing their own injuries.

However, the additional rules and regulations that apply to oversize loads and standard trucks that are overloaded in excess of allowable weight limits can generate punitive damage claims when they contribute to causing the collision. A punitive damage claim can only be awarded following a jury trial, but this possibility is typically what provides the whole compensation many catastrophic injury victims need following the fact.

These cases are always strongly defended by the driver, the trucking company, and their insurance provider, and it always takes an aggressive trucking accident attorney representing the claim for a proper and equitable claim outcome when a case goes to trial.

Contact an Austin Personal Injury Attorney

Oversize load cases are always complicated and strongly defended when extensive damage awards could be the result. Your attorney matters significantly. The legal team to call in Austin is The Stewart Law Firm when whole compensation is being pursued for serious catastrophic injuries or fatalities.

Don’t let insurance companies dictate your future, contact us today to allow for us to fight for you!

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